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Pegrum Heating and plumbing services
Pegrum Limited - Heating and Plumbing Services - established for over 40 years
Pegrum Limited - Heating and Plumbing Services - established for over 40 years

Cooking and heating ranges

With many years of experience, we offer full range cooker and heating support including supply, delivery, and installation, along with all the associated heating plumbing and building work, making life so much easier for you. 


From Aga, Rayburn, Stanley, Esse, Heritage, and Marshall we can help you with:


  • Supplying many types of new and used Aga range cookers as Independent Aga Engineers.
  • Installing and removing of ranges.
  • Fitting chimneys, flue liners and water systems from range cookers. 
  • Commissioning range cookers to manufacturers standards. 
  • Servicing and repairing range cookers.
  • Converting range cookers to different fuel types 
  • Refurbishing range cookers to make them look like new.


We are long-term members of the Aga and Rayburn Guild of Engineers. 


Feedback on our work can be read on our testimonials and case studies pages.

Range benefits

Invest in a range and you invest in a quality product that will last a lifetime with proper servicing and maintenance.


  • Ranges give constant heat to keep a kitchen warm and cosy, in fact there is not always a need to have a radiator in the kitchen leaving you with more free space.
  • Certain ranges also provide heating and domestic hot water.
  • The cooking method of a range cooker ensures that moisture is retained in food giving an improved taste.
  • Range cookers have a high heat boiling plate that heats quicker than most electric kettles and provides a steady temperature.
  • A range is a focal point feature adding style to your kitchen.
  • Unlike conventional cookers range cookers are available in a variety of colours.

For information on choosing the right range cooker and a summary of manufacturers models please refer directly to the manufacturer’s websites including Aga, Rayburn, Stanley, Esse, Heritage and Marshall.

Choosing the right range

Your purchasing decision of a range may be based on manufacturer, heating needs, fuel supply (we carry out fuel conversions), space available, price or even colour.

Before you select your range take into consideration the decision factors below or find out more by the visiting the manufacturer’s websites.


  • Do you also want the added benefit of hot water and heating?
    Many ranges offer these functions – see the selection table for details.
  • What fuel supply do you have for your range?
    This will determine where you can site your range cooker because different fuels require different venting via a flue (chimney). If you don’t have a chimney we can erect a stainless steel twin wall insulated kit form chimney. Ranges that run on oil or gas can use a horizontal power flue. There are certain location restrictions and these will be assessed when your site survey is carried out. The table below shows the flue requirements for each flue and the location options.
  • How many ovens do you need on your range?
    Ranges are available in 2, 3 or 4 ovens, plus you can add a stand-alone or module unit with extra ovens

Regrettably, we do not supply any spare parts or installation parts to customers or the trade directly. 

Pre-owned ranges

From time to time we are able to offer used machines. Please contact us with your requirements in case we can help.

Installing your range

When you ask Pegrum to install a new or pre-owned range you have the option of choosing from a simple install of the machine, or for us to provide all the necessary plumbing and building works. Using just one company for all the work makes the process a lot easier and hassle-free.

A normal installation procedure of a range would be as follows:


  • Home survey meeting to discuss the services you require from your range and how it fits in your kitchen.
  • Delivery of your range either direct to site by the manufacturer or by Pegrum on the day of installation.
  • Prepare the area for installation, building a plinth or supplying a steel base unit.
  • Assembly of the range and set up to manufacturer’s settings.
  • Connection to fuel supply and flue.
  • Introduction to range cooker functions.


In addition to a basic installation Pegrum can:

  • Tile the surrounding area.
  • Build a mantle.
  • Erect a new flue or chimney.
  • Fit fuel supplies and tanks.
  • Attach any other heating or hot water fittings and supplies.
  • Carry out the alcove building work.

Frequently asked questions

The answers below should help you before you call Pegrum.  However, if you are in any doubt please call us first.

My gas fired range will not start or has gone off. Why is this?

Ignition failure is normally due to the failure of an ignition wire or thermocouple. DO NOT attempt to re-start your range or use it after two failed attempts with time left between attempts (as per the instructions). Contact us to book a call out.

How often should I have my range serviced?

Between 6 and 12 months depending on the type of cooker, fuel and burner. Pegrum send you a reminder a month before a service is due, if you are on our customer database. 

Should I turn my range off before a service?

Yes, it has to off the night before the engineer arrives, so it is cold for him to work on.

My range cooker won’t come up to temperature or it reaches the correct temperature and stops. What should I do?

Check the temperature gauge is reading correctly and ensure your cooker has enough fuel. Refer to the operating instructions for further information. If the problem persists contact us for help. If it is likely that your range needs a service, please contact us to book an appointment. Always have your range cooker serviced regularly to prevent carbon build-up in oil cookers, and ensure Service parts are changed.

Where can I get recipes and cookbooks for my range cooker?

Aga has a dedicated website with delicious recipes, helpful hints and tips and inspirational ideas for your home and entertaining.

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