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Pegrum Heating and plumbing services
Pegrum Limited - Heating and Plumbing Services - established for over 40 years
Pegrum Limited - Heating and Plumbing Services - established for over 40 years

Case study - saving money

Bigger properties and Stately Homes

A Stately Home manager asked us to evaluate the best means to resolve the issues they have when a fault occurs. They had been going back and forth between, plumbers, electricians and boiler engineers. 


After a lengthy survey, we reported on our findings, making suggestions as to where money could be saved. 

The suggested were:


  • To change from one fuel type to another which is cleaner and cheaper
  • The installation of a weather compensated heating controller to throttle back unwanted heat as we go into and out of winter
  • New pressure jet oil burners to be fitted in the boilers to give a better burn of the fuel and permit them to operate at a low rate when not so much heat is required
  • The re-lagging of the boilers to hold the heat in from the body of the boilers
  • The addition of speed controllers on the pumps to save power plus wear and tear.


Also, we had to resolve issues with the water not returning back to the cylinder above 50 degrees, so a plate heat exchanger was fitted. We later changed the cold water storage tank, ensuring water was exchanged regularly preventing stagnation and this also remedied a leaking tank.


A dripping oil fill point into the tank area was changed to a cabinet oil fill point with a catchment tray ensuring no contamination occurred.


The pictures below show the new heating pumps, speed controllers and Honeywell weather compensator and various other parts of the system.


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