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Pegrum Heating and plumbing services
Pegrum Limited - Heating and Plumbing Services - established for over 40 years
Pegrum Limited - Heating and Plumbing Services - established for over 40 years

Case study - new Aga

Fitting a new efficient range cooker Aga in a bungalow

Mrs M a long-standing customer requested we come and have a look at her Aga that was losing heat. Due to the higher than normal carbon deposits that were produced from the oil when it burns the Aga was loosing heat frequently.


The solution was to change the appliance to a more modern range that could cope with irregularities in fuel quality and required less maintenance. An additional benefit being that the appliance can be turned up, down or off quite easily rather than running at one constant temperature.

The picture shows the original cooker and the resolution of the new cooker.


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