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Pegrum Heating and plumbing services
Pegrum Limited - Heating and Plumbing Services - established for over 40 years
Pegrum Limited - Heating and Plumbing Services - established for over 40 years

Case study - new boiler

New boiler in a Stately home

We responded to a call out from a Stately Home Manager requesting that we attend an appliance that they had shut down for safety reasons.
On a call out visit, it was found that an adjacent flue that hadn’t been capped off, had allowed water ingress to the gas flue and then to the boiler, and this had allowed corrosion to occur.
The corrosion was such that poor combustion was taking place.  It was likely that even after we had cleaned it, more corrosion would re-occur quite quickly.


The solution was to put in a new high-efficiency condensing LPG boiler, unvented hot water cylinder and a new shower were fitted.


In addition to this chimney caps were fitted to the redundant chimneys.


The pictures show the corrosion around the flue and in the boiler. Then the new boiler with its flue termination and cap flue shafts.


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